Find Relief From Your Piles,haemorrhoids With These Tips

If you or somebody in your family suffers from piles,haemorrhoids, you know how uncomfortable the condition is. Prevent the pain and embarrassment of this condition by applying the tips in the below article.

It can be difficult to clean yourself properly when you have piles,haemorrhoids, but doing so is a critical part of personal hygiene. Specially-designed hemorrhoid wipes are usually more sanitary than toilet paper, not to mention more comfortable. Taking a sitz bath can aid in relieving swelling and pain cause by piles,haemorrhoids. You should soak in this warm bath for 20 minutes at a minimum.

There is relief to the pain cause by piles,haemorrhoids. Take several, ten minute sitz bath every day. Use a cold compress on the affected area, too.

The application of ice and then heat is a simple and easy home remedy for piles,haemorrhoids. Alternating these two methods shrinks the hemorrhoid, which allows it to heal quicker. For best results, the ice must be put on the hemorrhoid-affected area for a minimum of ten minutes every day, followed by damp, warm heat for at least twenty minutes.

Witch Hazel

Consider using witch hazel as a treatment for discomfort and pain. Witch hazel is an astringent that will shrink or constrict the hemorrhoid tissue, bringing relief and healing. Either use a cotton ball to apply it for 5-10 minutes, or mix it with a sitz bath.

When dealing with piles,haemorrhoids, be careful not to expose the affected areas to products containing dyes, essential oils, or fragrances. Exposure to such chemicals, even momentarily, may cause severe discomfort, swelling and itching.

Add lemon juice to your water if you want to help your piles,haemorrhoids. Irritation from piles,haemorrhoids can be soothed by lemon juice. Drink lemon water a lot in order to improve how you feel each day.

To help with your piles,haemorrhoids, you can try eating more whole wheat products. It often aids in eliminating irritation and decreasing redness. The next time you make a sandwich, go with wheat bread instead!

Piles,haemorrhoids are often caused by the overexertion of sphincter muscles. If you suffer from piles,haemorrhoids frequently, you should pay close attention to the amount of force you use during bowel movements and other activities.

Drink plenty of water and enjoy a diet high in fiber to loosen your bowels and reduce hemorrhoid symptoms. Softer stools can relieve or prevent piles,haemorrhoids because there won’t be as much strain. You can increase your consumption of specific fruits, such as papaya or watermelon, to help naturally soften your stool. Some vegetables, like okra and cabbage, are also good for helping the process along. Drink as much water as you can between meals to help soften your stool.

Losing Weight

Losing weight may actually help you to avoid piles,haemorrhoids. Overweight people tend to suffer from piles,haemorrhoids more often. The excess weight puts unnecessary pressure on your whole body, including the blood vessels in your anal area. You want to try and lose weight, so eat foods high in fiber so you can take some of this pressure from your body. As a word of caution, you should never use laxatives solely as a means of losing weight. Doing so will not help you to avoid piles,haemorrhoids and may even exacerbate the condition.

Water is one of your best friends when you suffer from the discomfort of piles,haemorrhoids. Apply warm water to the affected area for at least 10 minutes a day. Use a wet towel to apply cold presses to the piles,haemorrhoids after you get out of the bath. Consider purchasing a simple toilet bath, available at local drug stores.

If you aren’t quite ready to move your bowels, avoid sitting on the toilet while you’re waiting for it to happen. While you’re sitting, you may be straining without realizing it. Wait for peristalsis to begin before you try to have a bowel movement. Otherwise, straining will make your piles,haemorrhoids worse.

Sitting in a tub filled with warm water is one way to temporarily alleviate hemorrhoid pain. Fill the tub with just a few inches of warm water and sit in it for 10 minutes to relieve the pain and swelling. Try putting your knees up when you sit down. Remain in the tub at least until you feel the water beginning to cool.

Avoid scratching piles,haemorrhoids. Scratching may cause serious damage or infection in this area. If you really cannot bear the itch any longer, dampen a cloth and lightly pat the area, so that it is cleansed. The reason it might be itching is because it is not clean, so applying a wet cloth to the area will clean it and reduce the itching.

If you feel your piles,haemorrhoids have come outside of your body, try gently pushing them back inside. Using a clean hand to do this can prevent bacteria and inflammation from setting in. After pushing the piles,haemorrhoids back inside your body, you should make an appointment with a doctor so that they can be sure that everything is okay.

Piles,haemorrhoids bleed so do not worry if your stool contains blood. To fix this problem and to make your stools pass a little easier, up your fiber intake or take a stool softener product. The bleeding is probably being caused by harder stools rubbing against the hemorrhoid.

If you are not sure you have a hemorrhoid, it is important you see a doctor. Because of their location, it is sometimes hard to determine whether you have a polyp or a hemorrhoid. Going to your doctor will have the problem solved faster.

Now that you gained a better idea of what causes piles,haemorrhoids, and what you can do to treat them and prevent them, you will be better equipped to deal with them. With this knowledge, you may be able to treat your piles,haemorrhoids, or even avoid them altogether.

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