10 Ways To Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally

Rather than suffering the physical discomfort and embarrassment of internal or external hemorrhoids, which are also known as piles, focus on the information found in this handpicked selection of proven tips and tricks to cure hemorrhoids naturally. When it matters most, this advice will be very helpful in the prevention and treatment of the condition.

symptoms of hemorrhoids 10 Ways To Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally

1. Keep Your Backside Clean

A top priority for hemorrhoids sufferers is making sure that the area around the anus is clean. Moist wipes are more effective here than toilet paper. They will be more comfortable, won’t stick or pull on any external hemorrhoids and will lower the risk of infection.

Try using wipes that contain Aloe Vera or use medicated wipes. Dry toilet paper can leave residue; it can also bind to and aggravate the sensitive, inflamed tissues of the hemorrhoid.

If you find that the pain or swelling gets especially bad, try taking a Sitz Bath. You should soak your body for at least 20 minutes.

2. Lose Some Weight

garcinia cambogia weight loss 10 Ways To Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally
Being overweight puts pressure on your waist and abdominal area. This could raise the pressure in the veins of the anus. The obvious solution is to lose some weight, thereby reducing the pressure. Being hemorrhoid free should be a good incentive to keep the extra weight off. Garcinia Cambogia is a weight loss product recommended by Dr. Oz.

3. Don’t Eat Super-Size Meals

Eat smaller meals, even if you’re not trying to lose weight. Eating smaller meals spread out through the day means you’re more likely to pass smaller stools, so there’ll be less discomfort when you go to the toilet.

4. Get Off Your Backside!

Lack of exercise is one of the known factors in developing hemorrhoids. If you spend most of your day immobile (like sitting at a desk), take frequent breaks and move around. If you’re chained to your desk, stand at it rather than sitting. By sitting, you’re putting pressure on the anus, possibly squeezing your hemorrhoids which in turn leads to (major) discomfort.

5. Eat The Right Kind of Diet

It is very important to get the proper nutrients into your body if you are trying to reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids. When you wake up in the morning eat an orange or an apple. These fruits will give you the vitamins that you need to improve blood circulation for your condition. You can cure hemorrhoids naturally simply by changing your diet. However, if you want to remain hemorrhoid free in the future, your dietary change should be permanent.

6. Add Fiber To Your Diet

Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally By Eating High Fiber FoodsIncreasing the amount of fiber in your diet will work wonders with your hemorrhoids. The fiber will help you to avoid constipation and straining when going to the toilet, both of which are primary factors in their development. Also, a high fiber diet will make your stool softer and easier to pass, reducing the pain associated with hemorrhoids. High fiber foods include fruit, vegetables, and bran. Broccoli is also high in fiber and will purge your body of toxins, improving overall health. A dinner with rich meat, should have broccoli incorporated as a side dish.

7. Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally With A Herbal Medication

The application of Witch Hazel has proven to be an effective natural herbal remedy for hemorrhoids. The typical way to use it is to add it to a Sitz Bath and soak yourself in the solution for 20 minutes or so.

However, witch hazel can also be used in a frozen form and when applied can ease and soothe tour hemorrhoids. All you need to do is add it to water and freeze into ice cubes. Then wrap them in a bag or cloth and press them gently against your hemorrhoids for 10 -15 minutes. Do this once an hour and you should find that your swelling and symptoms ease .

8. No Coughing

Don't Exacerbate Your Hemorrhoids By Coughing FreuentlyCoughing has an impact on your hemorrhoids. When you cough, your diaphragm convulses, again putting pressure on your lower abdomen. So if you have a cold, the flu, smoker’s cough or some other irritant that makes you cough, get some medication to control it.

9. No Lifting Heavy Weights

This might seem blindingly obvious, but do not lift heavy weights when you have hemorrhoids as doing so puts a lot pf pressure on the lower abdominal region.

You probably know that lifting heavy weights can result in a hernia. It can also exacerbate your hemorrhoids or cause new ones to erupt.  If your hemorrhoid problem becomes chronic, heavy lifting should be avoided completely.

10. Don’t Use The Restroom As A Refuge!

Many people see the toilet as a haven from the rest of the family – a quiet place to get some reading done. This is a bad idea as sitting for prolonged periods on a toilet is an ideal way to get hemorrhoids. You’ll end up sitting for a lot longer that you should and you’ll likely be pushing a bit harder that you even realize. As a rule of thumb, if you’ve been sitting for more than 5 minutes without anything happening, then you’ve been sitting for too long.

It’s Easy To Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally

The best remedies for some medical problems are actually ones you can make at home. Hemorrhoid treatments fall into this category. Another remedy for the condition is to mix a teaspoon of powdered myrrh with a teaspoon of water to create a paste which you then apply to your hemorrhoids for 30 minutes.

Just like you read in the beginning of the article, the key to getting rid of your hemorrhoids is to educate yourself as much as possible about what to do and what not to do when afflicted.

Even though a huge number of people of all ages suffer from hemorrhoids, discussing the condition is still unpleasant and embarrassing for many. In this article, and on this site, you’ve found that you can cure hemorrhoids naturally in a lot of cases. You can spare yourself or a loved one the itching, burning, and overall discomfort that accompanies them.

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